​Inspired by Nature
Inspired by Nature

We are inspired by Nature!...

Take a deep breath of fresh air... Feel the sunshine on your skin... Smell the ground after the rain....
Yes, when we created Choovio seafood specialties, our #1 goal was to keep the original state of the food.
So,we came to the conclusion that wholesome food will guide us to our success today.
​Back to the Roots
I would like to start with our grandparents Julianna and Joseph, they were born in the early 1900's.​
Simple farmers, with a clear mind and good spirit. The only thing they worked for is to produce fresh fruits and vegetables and raise poultry and cattle on the fields.
Make wholesome, nutritious and delicious food for the family, and keep their children as healthy as possible.

All of our family members was raised in this spirit... parents, children and grandchildren.
However our oldest members can't be with us today, we still cherish the tradition and carry on from generations to generation and fallow in their footsteps every day in our life.
This gave us enough courage to start our mission and share our lifestyle with others.

 Today's Choovio dog treats are the best of what our ancestors passed on to us.
 Make them healthy and delicious!